Subitizing is the ability to instantly recognize the number of objects without actually counting them. When someone holds up 4 fingers, you don’t have to count them. You just know that there are 4. When you see 6 dots on a die, you know it’s 6.

Subitizing is closely tied to number sense. Subitizing larger numbers helps students develop flexibility with numbers. This flexibility helps them see that numbers are composed different ways. For instance, 10 can be 4 and 6 or 3 and 7. This flexibility helps students become more efficient with mental math. Strong subitizing skills set students up for future success in math.

How Roadtrax can help learn subitizing

Make Your desired set of Turns and Lanes with your favorite Trax set…

At each end of tracks, place a set of dots corresponding to a certian number.
Eg : 1 – 1 dot
2 – 2 dots and so on….
Label cars with numbers.

Ask child to read numbers, if he cannot, you read and point to respective dots.
As the child drives through to the road, repeat the number as he drives!!

Isn’t it an easy peasy wonderful idea😊😊

Watch the video