Kids not playing with Roadtrax or any wooden accessory anymore?

We will buy them back!

For the countless toys that already exist, reuse and sharing models are pivotal to preventing them from becoming waste. We would hate it if Roadtrax ends up in a landfill just after a single use. 

We would like our customers to help us further our cause and sell us back their Roadtrax sets and accessories when their kids have finished playing with them. 

Buyback Program Questions?

Question How much will I get back?
Get 20% of the purchase value you paid for back in cash when you avail the buyback facility.
Question What are the terms and conditions of buyback?
  1. We will buyback only the toys bought from our website
  2. We will pay back only for the pieces which are not broken or damaged beyond repair
Question Who will bear the return shipping cost?
You will have to ship the toys back to us to our Jaipur facility. We recommend using our amazing India Post service - it's reliable and affordable. We can also help you get the toys picked up via our delivery partners, however, the cost will have to be borne by you.
Question What if I have missing or broken pieces?
No worries, you can still send the remaining pieces back. We will pay you in the ratio of whatever is usable. e.g. if you send us back 12 pieces of Metro City Roadtrax, which originally has 24 pieces, we will pay you 50% of 20% i.e. 10% of the original purchase price.
Question What will do you with the returned toys?
All of our toys are very durable and are meant to be passed on to generations. A good wash or may be repaint and our toys look as good as new. For Roadtrax, all pieces can be assembled into a new set that can be sold as refurbished. We have a great team that can refurbish wooden toys. First, we separate out pieces that are good as it is. Rest, we refurbish in our wooden manufacturing facility. We sell refurbished toys at cost and make no profits from them.
Question How can I place the return request?
Just reach out to us via any of the methods mentioned on our Contact Us page