Racing Roadtrax

Introducing Racing Roadtrax – a perfect companion for your little car lovers. This 12pc starter set is easy to setup and flexible to use anywhere. Race your toy cars blasting along the track and speeding through the straight ways.



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Racing Roadtrax

Package Contents

12 pieces including 3 straights, 1 zebra crossings, and 8 right curves

Recommended Age

2-8 Years

Why kids love Roadtrax


Flexibility makes play possibilities endless. Build a road  on an uneven terrain or curvy boards and add next level excitement to the play.


Easy to clean and waterproof. You can wash with water or even better – play in water.


Take the play to 3D. Stick on your fridge, on bathroom tiles or on the glass wall of your living room.


Combine roadtrax with our wooden accessories or any of your existing toys like Magnatiles, Legos or any wooden blocks for hours of open-ended play


Lightweight and space saver so you can easily carry them on your vacations.


Made of high quality child-safe material with no sharp edges.